Shipping & Returns

JEM SA has been established to design, produce, pack and distribute edible and non-edible cake decorations.

JEM SA will service its customers the best way possible through providing product that is always produced in full and on time and at the right quality.

We have gained HACCP (SABS) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) Compliance Status and follow strict adherence to these standards.

We have Quality Control Checks in place from receiving through to our final dispatch of product and all care is taken to ensure that the product you receive is of the highest quality.

With regards to returns on goods, we have a returns policy which states we will only take goods back under very special circumstances i.e. In the event of a Food Safety Issue the process would be to contact us regarding the concern and we would initiate a Recall on the product.

We will not under any circumstances take back opened goods or goods that have been damaged due to negligence or mishandling by the customer.

JEM SA is committed to providing consumers with cake decorations that exceed their expectations. We will provide consumers with the safest and best valued product available.

If you have any food safety concerns regarding our product please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Terms & Conditions

Discount Structure for JEM & PME – (in line with UK standards)

JEM and PME prices will now be based around Trade Net (TR-Net) and Retail Net (RE-Net) as per our price list.

Trade Net will be the price to our approved Retail Customers i.e. those that have a Retail Business which is active in promoting cake decorating products. Retail Customers who purchase R200 000.00 (This figure will be reviewed annually) or more per annum, will be considered for an additional discount off the TR-Net price, this will also depend on how much of our product range they stock. Customers who do not qualify for the TR-Net price, a discount off the RE-Net price can be considered depending on the Exclusive Invoice Value.

The previous arrangement of giving a varying discount off the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) will no longer apply.

RE-Net price will be 1.5 times the TR-Net price which allows the Retailer to make a reasonable margin when selling at RE-Net.

NB: Please note that items omitted from discounts are highlighted on our Price List.

The prices in our showroom will be RE-Net plus VAT.


Credit limits as per your signed contract will be strictly adhered too. Should you exceed your credit limit, our sales department staff will notify you and request payment for the shortfall before an order can be dispatched.

Should you feel your credit limit is too low for your monthly purchases, kindly email a request to have your credit limit increased. Management will review the request based on a Sales Analysis and you will be notified accordingly.


We would require approximately 5 – 7 working days to pack an equipment order, depending on size of order and availability of stock. Upon receipt of payment, orders will then be dispatched. This excludes all edibles which require 14-21 days (depending on the quantity of the order).
Please note that an edible order cannot be cancelled once placed as items are specially made per order.


Payments would be required prior to dispatch of an order for non-account customers.
All payments are only accepted via Electronic Transfer.
Should a cash deposit be made the Customer will be liable for the fees incurred.
There is no settlement discount offered by JEM SA for early payments


JEM SA will not accept any returns if we have not been notified within the 3 day working period via writing/email .
All parcels are carefully checked before being dispatched, should any item be missing or incorrectly dispatched; JEM SA needs to be notified within 3 working days of the receipt (delivery) thereof.

We will then investigate and if the fault is found to be with Jem SA, the item will be replaced at our cost. Any items returned to us that were correctly ordered by yourself will be subject to a 10% handling fee and are required to be in there original packaging. Products not in their original packaging will not be credited or accepted.

Due to our BRC compliance we DO NOT accept returns on edibles.


A Credit Application/Customer Application Form and all supporting documents will have to be completed and submitted for all new customers before the initial order can be processed.
The same process will apply to the change of business details.


Fastway Couriers will be our operator unless otherwise authorized.
Customers are welcome to arrange their own Courier Company for collections

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

Terms & Conditions

Electrical Items

  • JEM SA ensures that all Electronic items are inspected and in working order prior to being dispatched.
  • Should any item once purchased experience a manufacturing defect, the complete unit needs to be sent back to the place of purchase in original packaging with a list of faults.
  • JEM SA needs to be notified of this in Writing/Email within 3 working days of delivery of goods.
  • The item will then be sent back to us at the customer’s expense.
  • A technical report will be compiled after the inspection and should the item fault/s fall within the warranty, Jem SA will repair/replace the parts needed and send the item back with the report at our cost.
  • However should the fault not fall within the warranty, JEM SA will notify the customer by means of a technical report with a quote for the repairs.
  • The responsibility is with the customer to give the go ahead for the repairs and costs will have to be paid prior to the repair being done.
  • Account customers, this amount once accepted will be charged to your account.

Kindly note that we require customers to ensure that the units are sent back in a clean state as we are a Manufacturer of Edible products and this could be a health hazard.

Note that cleaning of a unit does not fall under the warranty and will incur charges to the customer.

Please ensure that the Instruction Manual is read, especially the care and use of the unit to avoid any unnecessary expenses and inconvenience.

The Food Mixers are designed for a Domestic application, NOT SUITABLE for Commercial use. Should there be any queries or assistance needed please feel free to contact us at